Fabrication of a bridge to replace a non-salvagable front tooth

Sometimes a tooth must be removed because of a root fracture, failed root canal procedure or gum disease problem. The procedure shown on this page is a method for removing and replacing the tooth in the same appointment without compromising estheics.

The patient has a tooth (arrow) that must be removed due to a root fractured in an injury.

The teeth on each side of the tooth to be extracted are prepared for crowns and the factured tooth is removed.

A plastic temporary bridge is made to cover the prepared teeth and the extraction site.

Same temporary bridge as above seen from the tongue (lingual) side.

Same temporary bridge as above seen from the tissue (under) side.

Same temporary bridge as above cemented with temporary cement over the prepared teeth and the extraction site. Healing should take place before any further procedures are done. Healing takes a minimum of 6 weeks. In this instance, artificial bone and a goretex membrane were placed in the socket to preserve the shape of the gum in the extraction area. A portion of a suture holding the membrane in place can be seen just over the extraction site.

After the site has healed the temporary bridge is removed and a small string is placed between the prepared teeth and the gum. This temporarily pushes the gum tissue away from the tooth so the impression material can capture an accurate reproduction of the tooth below the gum line.

An impression is made of the prepared teeth and the healed exrtraction site.

After the impression is made the tempory bridge is recemented. The impression is filled with plaster nad a model of the prepared teeth is made. The final bridge is made by the dentist or by a dental laboratory. This takes several weeks. The patient then returns and the final bridge is cemented in the mouth with a permanent cement.

The smile of this attractive young lady was preseved throughout the duration of the treatment without the ned for any removable appliances.

Click here to see how a bridge is made in the dental lab.

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