There are many conditions which affect the esthetics of a smile. When considering what looks pleasing to the eye, the shape, color, position and framing (character of the lips and gums) of each tooth is of critical importance.

Here are some examples of these factors adversely affecting esthetics.

Unsightly teeth

These teeth are unsightly due to discolorations, misalignment and unsightly fillings and crowns. However, the posion of the teeth and the pleasent shape of the lips mean that a favorable result can be obtained by placing crowns (caps) or veneers on the teeth

Same teeth as above with the lips retracted.

Same teeth as above following placement of crowns.

Same teeth as above with the lips retracted.

Before and after, a happy patient.

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Discoloration of teeth can be treated with bleaching., veneers., or crowns.

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