Gummy smile and poor gumline contour

This smile is unsightly because too much of the gum tissue is exposed above the top teeth, the gums are uneven and the teeth are malpositioned.

A lips-retracted view of the teeth showing tooth malpositioning, excessive gum exposure and over-contoured crowns on the front teeth causing the back teeth to not show. This case is more difficult to treat since the teeth are not the only problem. Correction with braces and gum surgery was needed as well as new crowns.

This is the same patient after gum surgery and new crowns on the upper teeth. She is undergoing braces on the lower teeth to get them ready for crowns.

The lower braces are done and the patient is ready for the lower crowns.

The completed treatment.

Before and after smiles.

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Discoloration of teeth can be treated with bleaching., veneers., or crowns.

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