Treatment of severely worn teeth
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This page describes what goes on in the dental laboratory to make the crowns. Click here to skip to the next page to see what happens at the next appointment if this is not of interest.

Master cast.

The cast produced by pouring the impression of the prepared teeth is called the "Master Cast". .

Master dies.

The master cast is trimmed and small brass pins are placed into the cast below each tooth. A base of plaster is poured against the bottom of the cast around these pins, and saw cuts are made between the teeth. Each individual tooth can now be removed from the base and is called a "die"..

Wax patterns for the metal portion of the crown.

On each die wax is added and hand carved to the shape of a tooth. Wherever porcelain is to be placed, space is left to make room for a proped thickness of porcelain (arrows)

Same patterns as above from the tongue side (lingual aspect). It is extremely important that the shape of the crowns is natural and the upper teeth must mesh with the lower teeth precisely to alow proper chewing with confort. Failure to shape the chewing surfaces of the teeth such that they function in harmony with the shape of the joints and the way the muscles move the jaws often results in disorders of the Temporomandibular Joints.

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